Southern California Highpower Rifle Competition

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First Time at Camp Perry
Load the jump program. "Everbody falls the first time." Everyone who's ever been to the US Nationals at Camp Perry has a priceless story of a lifetime. Making one for yourself should be part of every shooter's bucket list.

Five Steps to Set Up Your Detachable Carry Handle AR-15 to Shoot Across the Course
The most common AR-15 in America is a basic model 16-inch barreled copy of the U.S. M-4 Carbine. Yes you can shoot these things in both reduced-distance and full-distance across the course matches. Here are some tips on setting up.

My Decade as a GSM Instructor
US highpower competition shooting is discipline. It's also a culture. And the most important thing in this culture as one progresses is to pay forward, to teach others to honor those who taught you.

Making a Fixed Parallax Scope Work for Service Rifle Competition
The arrival of the Scoped Service Rifle has generated both joy and angst in the competition world. These rifles drive differently from their iron sighted cousins. Ultimately, you still have to hold hard and stay focused to win.

CMP's Four Gun Aggregate: M-1 Garand, M1903/A3 Springfield, Vintage Military Rifle, Modern Military Rifle
The CMP Travel Games are held in various locations in the United States during the year. This is as close to a rendevous of Minutemen that you will ever get in this country. It's an experience well worth the trip.

Vintage Military Rifles: My Savage Beast
Good shooting is not about how cool you look, it's about how well you shoot. It's work. And when you do the work, the real reward is in the pride you feel to have done it. Here's a look at competing with a Vintage Military Rifle.

Technical Talk: Mechanical Center
Setting Up a competition rifle is about paying attention to the details. Did you know that the proper method for esablishing your basic zero is to center the rear sight and move the front sight until you are on target at the mechanical center of the windage range?

"Well Regulated" in military terms means a force proficiently trained in the use of its equipment.

The objective of this website is to educate visitors about the sport and
inform Southern Californians about where learn to participate in this sport.

Highpower Rifle Competition Explained
The California Grizzlies Junior Highpower Rifle Team is the only junior team to ever win the Infantry Trophy at the U.S. National Matches in Camp Perry, Ohio. This is one moment out of their training regimen.

Team Remington's Ken Roxburg Videos

Some of the best highpower rifle clinics ever given were conducted by Team Remington at the US Nationals, various CMP Games Events, and Creedmoor Cups. Some of these clinics are memorialized on YouTube. They are worth the study of every highpower competitor.
USAMU Basic Riflery Videos

The United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) is a national treasure. It's work to train US military personnel in advanced small arms proficiency has, without doubt, saved countless lives. What they learn through their competitive teams program is worth your time.



White Oak Precision - John Holliger's Service Rifle and Match AR-15's
White Oak Armament - Shopping Cart Site for WOA
Northern Competition - NC Service Rifle AR-15's
Compass Lake Engineering - CLE Service Rifle AR-15's
Keystone AccuracyService Rifle AR-15's and more
Bushmaster Firearms - DCM XR Series Uppers
Fulton Armory - AR-15/AR-10/M-1/M-14

Competition Machine, Inc. - Gary Eliseo's tube gun chassis.
Mcrees Precision - Scott McCree's chassis.

Creedmoor Sports - High power competition jackets and supplies.
Bob Jones Sights - Corrective lenses for rifle sights.
Eric Hollis - Rifle slings and more.
Geissele - Triggers, parts, tools.
Champion Shooters Supply - NRA and ISU competition supplies.
Champion's Choice - Similarly named but another source for NRA and ISU supplies.
Powder Valley, Inc. - Reloading supplies.
Bruno Shooters Supply - Reloading, barrels and more.
Kreiger Barrels - Barrels
Criterion Barrels - Barrels
Classic Firearms - Barrels and more.
Integrity Arms and Survival - AR-15 build parts. - Magazines
Rifle Gear - A California source for action rifle parts and reduced capacity magazines.

Brownell's - Gunsmithing parts.
Sinclair International - Long Range and Benchrest supplies.
MidWay USA - Comprehensive source for reloading supplies.
Numrich Gun Parts Corporation - Firearms parts common and obscure.
Springfield Sporters, Inc. - One of the most recommended parts supply shops for military surplus rifles.
Ernie the Gunsmith - An interesting inventory of light triggers for sporting rifles.

CMP's Ammunition Information Page - Use the CMP eStore to purchase.
Natchez Shooters Supplies - Ammunition and Supplies.
Graf & Sons- Ammunition, Supplies & Reloading

Alco Target Company - NRA and other targets located in Duarte, Ca.
ShotMarker - Electronic targets.
Silver Mountain Targets - Electronic targets.
MGM Targets - the manufacturer of the Auto-Popper reactive metal target.
Salute Products - more reactive metal targets.
Law Enforcement Targets - a broad selection of paper and metal targets.


Major Surplus and Survival

The Sportsman's Guide
U.S. Cavalry
Brigade Quartermaster
Cheaper Than Dirt

Cooling Vests



CMP Competition Tracker
Where are the matches? How are people performing around the country? During large events, the CMP updates this information in real-time.

CMP Competition Rulebooks
How is the game governed? What are the procedures, the range commands? What type of equipment is permitted? Every competitor is required to know the rules.

California Grizzlies Junior Rifle Team
If you are young and want to win at the nationals, this is your path.


Local clubs host highpower matches including 100-yard reduced course tournaments, regulation distance CMP Sanctioned Games matches, and full distance NRA Approved Across-the-Course (XTC) matches. Some clubs also offer Midrange, Long Range, Carbine and Pistol matches. This is where to go to shoot. More important, it's also where to learn from experienced shooters.

Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club - Castaic - CMP/XTC/MR/Carbine/Pistol

Rancho Santa Margarita - Camp Pendleton - XTC/MR/LR

Ojai Valley Gun Club - CMP/XTC/MR

Golden Bears - 100 yard

JPL Gun Club - 100 yard

If your club in the Southern California area hosts CMP or NRA matches let us know, we'll add you to the list.

Legal References
California Firearms Laws
California Department of Justice firearms statutes .

Reloading Links
Always make sure your reloading references are current. These are the manufacturer's sites.

Hodgdon Reloading Center
covers Hodgdon, IMR and WW powders

Vihtavouri Reloading Data

Nosler Load Data

ADI Powders, a subsite of Australian Munitions
for our Commonwealth friends

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